Popping Tags: How to fix an oversized skirt


From over-sized to just right

From over-sized to just right

For my next magic trick I will be turning this over-sized skirt into a form-fitting masterpiece.

(Ooh’s and ah’s are heard throughout the audience.)

But seriously, I have this skirt. I really like it, but there’s just one problem – its too big. Like falls to my feet too big.

I bought this skirt from my local Goodwill and even though I knew it was too big, I just couldn’t pass it up for only $2.00, especially since I knew I could fix it.

Warning: I’m about to go on a tangent.

I love shopping at Goodwill, and some of my favorite pieces have been extremely cheap purchases at Goodwill’s up and down California. If you find yourself thinking, “Why would I shop at Goodwill? That’s disgusting, someone else wore those clothes.” I would refer you to Mr. Macklemore’s recent top hit, as well as inform you of the fact that all clothes sold at Goodwill have been thoroughly checked and are in their best possible conditions.

Also, purchasing from Goodwill gives back to the public by employing members of the community, which increases the workforce, which boosts economy, etc. — So don’t let anyone ever tell you that your shopping is a problem, you’re just helping the economy- but lets help the economy stay afloat while we keep our wallets fat enough to be our life vests at the same time by shopping at Goodwill.

I digress…

Although the waistband of this skirt is obviously too large, I do like the way the rest of the skirt hangs. So my main goal is to take in the waistband without having to take in the rest of the skirt. I’m going to do this by adding an elastic band to the top hemline of the skirt.

  • First you have to purchase your elastic. I have extra elastic in my sewing kit, but its easily purchased at many fabric stores.
  • Once you have your elastic, you’ll need to measure the area where the skirt + elastic will sit on your waist.  Add one inch to this measurement and cut the elastic.
Cut, pin, guide through

Cut, pin, guide through

  • Cut a small hole on the inside of the skirts top hem to feed the elastic through. If you put a safety pin through one end of the elastic, it makes it easier to feed the elastic through the loop of the waistband.
  • Once you’ve fed the elastic through the waistband, measure half an inch on both sides (this is from the extra inch you added at the beginning) and use your sewing machine to sew the elastic pieces together.
  • Sew the hole you’ve made in the skirt closed.
I went over the elastic a couple times with my sewing machine to ensure it would stay together.

I went over the elastic a couple times with my sewing machine to ensure it would stay together.

And just like that – my extra large skirt is now a form-flattering addition to my closet for pennies on the dollar.

Fits like a charm

Fits like a charm


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