Sewing Basics 101


Let mom relax while you do your own fixing.

I think that everyone on the face of this earth has come across a rip in his or her jeans, a hole in a pocket, or some other tear, gash, split, fray, or damage to clothing and belongings that makes them think the only solution is to throw it in the back of the closet, or worse– the trash.

Your mother doesn’t need to be bothered this weekend working over your belongings. Show her your adult side and do it yourself – with my help of course.

This post is going to be a topic I come back to over the course of our time together, but no fret my pet, I will come back and link all the following blog posts together so it’s easy to follow.

Lets start with the most common: the jean rip.

We’ve all seen it happen to our most beloved pair, but please, I beg you, fix them before you wear them!

The Large Hole

I used iron on patches for these holes. Patches can be purchased in multipacks, and can usually be found at any grocery store. Turn on the iron, flip the jeans inside out and lay the hole flat. Cut the patch slightly larger than the hole, and place the sticky side down on the hole. Iron over the patch for 30 seconds to a minute, making sure not to hold the iron in one place for too long, and also making sure you pay close attention to the edges of the patch.

Patching a hole shut

Step 1: Lie flat and iron. Step 2: Cut patch (glossy side is sticky side). Step 3: Place patch over hole and iron on.

Voila. Hole-be-gone.

The Small Hole

If when the jeans are flattened the hole sits closed, sewing it shut is the best technique.

First step is to iron the jeans, paying attention to the place where the hole is.

Next, thread your needle, or set up your modern sewing machine to the zigzag stitch function.

Hand-sew Instructions: Turn the jeans inside out. Pinching the hole so that both frayed ends are flat together, start at the tip of the hole and sew in a looping pattern over the frayed ends to right under the edge, making sure that the thread going into the jean is in as straight of a line as possible. End the thread up at the opposite tip of the hole. The hole should sit flat on the opposite side of the jean when you are wearing them.

Hand-sewing a hole shut

Starting from the top corner of the hole, sewing in a circular fashion over the fray to the other side, making sure the bottom stich stays even across as this is the part that will show when you wear them.

Whew. That was a lot of material for one session. Class dismissed.


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