Popping Tags: How to fix an oversized skirt


From over-sized to just right

From over-sized to just right

For my next magic trick I will be turning this over-sized skirt into a form-fitting masterpiece.

(Ooh’s and ah’s are heard throughout the audience.)

But seriously, I have this skirt. I really like it, but there’s just one problem – its too big. Like falls to my feet too big.

I bought this skirt from my local Goodwill and even though I knew it was too big, I just couldn’t pass it up for only $2.00, especially since I knew I could fix it.

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Sewing Basics 101


Let mom relax while you do your own fixing.

I think that everyone on the face of this earth has come across a rip in his or her jeans, a hole in a pocket, or some other tear, gash, split, fray, or damage to clothing and belongings that makes them think the only solution is to throw it in the back of the closet, or worse– the trash.

Your mother doesn’t need to be bothered this weekend working over your belongings. Show her your adult side and do it yourself – with my help of course.

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