Confession Of Affection

RD-twitter-avatar-2I’m going to take a minute and swoon over Rawr Denim.

Rawr Denim is another blog out there that knows exactly what they are doing for the audience that follows them. I think I have personally linked them in my previous blogs at least 3 times, and I am sure there are many more links by them to come.

This blog has everything you’d ever want to know about denim; from learning about the different styles of denim to how to care for your denim. There is also an awesome profile in the blog called “Fade Friday” where they highlight the jean fades of followers’ and fans’ denim, along with the number of washes each pair has had in a given amount of time.


Iron Heart Beatle Buster denim fade from Rawr Denim “Fade Friday”

I have been drooling over this site for the past couple months as if I were a pre-teen girl watching Justin Bieber perform on stage, and I urge you to do the same.

And if the people responsible for my middle school crush ever read this, I think I can die a happy woman. Now let’s just work on my realistic love life…


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